Group Options

Group Options

For Large or Small Businesses

It’s no secret that employees value health insurance benefits. Surveys show that workers value health insurance coverage second only to monetary compensation. By offering group health insurance benefits to your employees, you may find it easier to hire and retain the best workers for your company. Plus, there are special tax incentives for businesses that provide health insurance.

Valley Benefits develops customized benefits solutions for every employee population. We offer the products and services our clients require to maintain reasonable healthcare costs now and for the future. Our offerings include full medical, prescription, wellness, dental, vision and Consumer-Directed Health Plans, as well as medical management, stop loss and comprehensive network strategies. Our plans are backed by the dedicated staffing and educational tools that employees need to help treat illness and maintain good health.

Plan Administration

From customized plan designs to dedicated customer service, Valley Benefits has the expertise our clients can rely on. Our programs help employers to manage long-term healthcare costs by driving employee behavior change and creating healthier consumers.

  • Self-Funding
  • Stop Loss Insurance
  • No Laser Contracts
  • Transplant Carve out’s
  • Customized Plan Designs
  • Consumer-Directed Health Plans
  • Traditional PPO, POS, HMO & EPO Plans
  • Dental and Vision
  • Pharmacy Plans Including Mail Order
  • Customized Network Strategies
  • COBRA Administration
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • Health Management
  • Medical Management
  • Health Risk Assessments
  • Wellness Programs
  • FLEX Spending Plans
  • Specific & Aggregate Advance Options
  • Aggregating Corridor Options

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