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Learn how we make it easier for you and your employees to understand, choose, and use their benefits. We believe in an integrated, whole-person approach to health management and offer a suite of wellness and prevention programs that can be tailored to your group.

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Self Funding

We help our clients stay ahead of the curve by developing new and unique programs. We ensure that you’ll receive industry leading service that meets or exceeds expectations.

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Level Funding

Our clients pay one fixed monthly payment, which goes toward the aggregate and specific stop-loss insurance premium, administrative costs, and claims pre-fund account.

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Fully Insured

Our professionals will provide you with fully insured company coverage customized to you and your group’s specific needs. We offer the choice and flexibility you need to access a broad range of benefit options.

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Group Products

We develop customized benefits solutions for every employee population. Group products are available for our clients which include Dental, Vision, and Disability products. Let us serve you today!

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients gain access to high-quality affordable Self-Funded Health Insurance – it drives everything we do. Nothing that we do touches our members more than getting access to quality Level Funded & Self Funded Health Insurance programs.

Valley Benefits offers the choice & flexibility employers need to access a broad range of industry leading benefit options, including Level-Funded & Self-Funded Health Insurance plans.

We can help your company stay ahead of the curve by developing new and unique programs. We want to ensure that our clients receive industry leading customer service that exceeds expectations.

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